MIOPS are the creators of a range of smart triggers and photography devices. Whilst they are most known for the MIOPS Smart, they also produce a range of other devices to expand your photography using high speed triggers. One such trigger is the MIOPS Splash – Water Drop Kit which is a stand-alone (but smartphone controlled) water drop kit.

Water droplet photography is an interesting type of photography, it captures the incredible art and structures that can occur when droplets collide and can lead to incredible photos. By knowing the height of the device, many of the devices can calculate the approximate speed it would take for a drop to reach its target, the device then releases a single (or sometimes multiple drops if programmed) and triggers the camera / flash when the appropiate time has passed. These do require some trial and error to get the time right but the estimates form a good starting point.

Whilst water drop kits do currently exist, many of these kits require you to use them as an accessory to a smart trigger. MIOPS takes a different approach and created an all in one kit which includes the MIOPS Splash, Splash Holder and PC Sync Flash Cable, you then add the appropiate cable for your compatable camera which links the MIOPS Splash to your DSLR to allow for triggering.

The MIOPS Splash allows for three different set-up options, these are;

  1. Flash Only (camera on long exposure)
  2. Camera and Flash Triggered by MIOPS Splash
  3. Camera only triggered by MIOPS Splash (no flash).

In all cases, the MIOPS Splash is controlled by a smartphone app which communicates with the device over a Bluetooth connection. You can set the time for triggering, number of drops and a range of other settings from within the app.

I have not done much by way of splash photography (although it is something I am looking at getting into). If you are interested in some of the incredible photos people have been taking you can see these here. Alternatively if you are interested in finding out more about the MIOPS Splash, or purchasing you can do so through any of the links in this post or here.

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