I am Travis Hale.

Nature & Landscape (Natural and Built) Photographer, Scientist.

ProfileI am 32 years old, living in Melbourne, Australia and have been photographing since 2014. Photography allows me to express myself and the beauty of the world through the captured image. I have a passion for capturing the incredible beauty of the natural and built environment, from natural landscapes and some of the smallest microorganisms through to large animals and incredible cityscapes. In short I love photographing nature, the natural environment and the built environment :).

By education, I am somewhat analytical with a background in Science (Biotechnology & Microbiology) and Auditing. This provides me with an analytical and structured view of the world, and also allows me to form a structured technique when evaluating technologies.

Within the Science realm, I have been heavily involved in the development of the technical content for the enHealth Guidelines for the control of Legionella in health and aged care facilities (which provides guidance on how to control Legionella in the water systems of health and aged care systems), numerous mould related projects, occupational health and hygiene, advanced laboratory testing, and expert witness work / reporting as well as having been involved with significant R&D.

My work within the photography realm has been featured on the Digital-Photography-School website, and throughout social media.

If you have a project you are interesting in collaborating on, please get in touch with me via the Contact Link.