In photography, capturing a variety of subjects like animals, landscapes, and even astrophotography can be a fantastic goal. However, there's a common challenge when adjusting settings like ISO to achieve faster shutter speeds, or increasing ISO to let more light in during long exposure night images – it can introduce noise into your photos.

Let me illustrate this with a simple example using Topaz Photo AI V2.3.1. I chose a straightforward photo of my cat on the bed (not the best photo), deliberately increasing the shadows to emphasize the noise. The goal was to show that sometimes a bit of noise isn't a big issue, and that's where software like Topaz Photo AI proves its worth.

For this demonstration, I made minimal edits to the original photo, mainly increasing the shadows. Then, I used Topaz Photo AI V2.3.1 with default settings to sharpen and denoise the image. The results are displayed below: one side shows the original image, and the other side reveals the image processed through Topaz Photo AI V2.3.1. The Noise is most visible in the black areas of the image, so that is where I would suggest you look, and around the darker areas of the face.

As you can see, using the default settings it seems to have done a fairly good job, and whilst this photo is not great and I haven't really edited it, but it shows that you can still salvage photos with noise using Topaz Photo AI V2. If you're curious to explore more about Topaz Photo AI, you can find additional information through the links provided in this post or by clicking here.

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