ON1, the developers of a range of software applications and plugins (including ON1 Photo RAW 2021) have announced a number of updates to the plugins within the ON1 Professional Plugin Bundle. This bundle includes ON1 Effects 2021, ON1 Portrait AI 2021, ON1 Resize 2021 and ON1 HDR 2021.

The main change to these plugins is that support has now been added for Capture One, this means that you are now able to run each of these specific tools as a plugin for Capture One. As a reminder on what each of these do:

  • ON1 HDR allows you to create natural HDR photos and bring out the shadow and highlight detail using a single image, or through exposure blending.
  • ON1 Effects 2021 allows you to give your photos a professional look without complex edits. This program brings together a range of looks and styles which are added to Effects 2021 and can be applied to your images with only a few clicks.
  • ON1 Resize 2021 uses the Genuine Fractals® technology to create high quality enlargements of your images whilst retaining sharpness and detail.
  • ON1 Portrait AI 2021 uses machine learning to find every face in your photo and apply retouches automatically to make them look great.

If you want to find out more about the plugins, see them in action or purchase you can do so using the links in this article or by clicking here.

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