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Pakenham Carols

The Pakenham Carols were held at the Toomuc reserve on December 12th, 2015. The carols were held by the Cardinia council and consisted of various activities including of course carols before being finished with fireworks. I wanted to try my luck at photographing the fireworks, and tried a longer exposure (> 1 second), higher ISO (e.g. 800) and an aperture of around f8.

I made a number of rookie mistakes in taking these images which included:

  • Too slow a shutter speed
  • Focal length too wide

The errors I made resulted in a number of things, for a start the shutter speed being slow meant that rather than the images being ‘frozen' since the shutter speed was longer some of the images (not uploaded) were more of a light blur rather than freezing the action of the fireworks.

The second error, being the wider focal length meant that as you can see below, the fireworks don't end up filling the frame and rather take a small component of the image. The below images are cropped however any greater level of cropping would affect the image quality.

So, although it was a great experience I would next time try a longer focal length, and also increase the shutter speed if possible.


The images captured are below, each image is ISO800, 8 seconds, 18mm and f/8.0

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