During a recent visit to Warburton for an Open Gardens I decided to make a trip to the top of Mount Donna Buang, a mountain approximately 80 km's from Melbourne, and an elevation of 1250 metres.

Over winter the mountain is usually covered in snow however during summer it is far easier to reach the summit, where there is a tower at the top providing panoramic views across the Dandenong's and the Yarra Valley.

Whilst I was up there I took my camera and got a few panoramic views, however, since the tower had a gridded base I was not able to use my tripod and thus the stitching issues with the tower specific image, but nonetheless you can see the views from at the tower are fantastic on a nice sunny day.

I did note there were a number of cyclists heading up the hill as well, and it appears to be a fairly popular cycling spot (although I would far rather drive!!)

Images were taken with a Nikon D5300, Nikor 10.5mm Fisheye and stitched using Kolor Gigapan, and then the tour generated using Panotour Pro.


[pano file='https://panorama.travishale.com/MountDonnaBuang.html' width=”100%” height=”600″]


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