When photographing wildlife, it is fairly rare to not need to do some post processing on the images, this can be simple things like increasing exposure and color through to cropping and a wide range of other changes. Most of my editing is done in Lightroom and then I finish the editing off typically in Topaz Photo AI (for Sharpening, DeNoise et al).

In this post I wanted to take a look at a picture I had previously edited and put through Topaz Photo AI (V2), this version brings a number of changes but in this I wanted to specifically look at Balanced Colour which is designed to remove color casts from images.

To test this, I took a wildlife image I had captured a few weekends ago which had a bit of colour cast and fed it into Topaz Photo AI, the left was the unedited image (which has a bit of green / blue cast) whilst the Right has been run through Balanced Colour.

Image Comparison between unedited image (Left), and Balanced Colour Image (Right) directly from Photo AI V2.

As you can see by moving the slider left and right the cast has been improved by Topaz Photo AI 2, note this was just a quick and dirty test to show the difference between colour cast, with all default settings to keep the images as minimally processed as possible (e.g. sharpen et al was turned off).

If you would like to find out more about Topaz Photo AI 2, you can do so by clicking on the links in this page or by clicking here.

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