Pluto Trigger

I have a love for technology, science and photography and when something comes along that melds all of that together I get excited. Some time ago I saw a kickstarter campaign for a smart trigger that interfaces between your camera, and your phone (using bluetooth). I forgot all about it, and then around October i remembered the device (but not the name). After some searching I came across the device; The Pluto Trigger.

For those who are not aware, the pluto trigger is a wireless camera trigger but with a slight difference. It has a light (and laser), sound, and motion sensor inbuilt which can be to trigger the camera. Where it is slightly different (to say the MOIPS camera trigger) is that it has no display but rather connects to the phone via bluetooth 4.0.

The app is where the triggers are set-up,  where you can set the thresholds for each sensor (e.g. light is above a certain point), and how to trigger the camera. Further the trigger can also connect to the PC sync cord of a camera flash to allow for high-speed photography (more on this later)

My first impressions of the device are fairly positive. But I will elaborate over time and let you know how I go with it, and explain some of it’s features; stay tuned to the blog for more information.



Image 1: The Pluto trigger, and camera connection casing. Note the trigger is compatible with multiple camera brands, so you need to specify which brand (and model) you use and they supply that cable.



Image 2: The Pluto Trigger Case, note since I am from Australia you will either need a travel converter or alternatively a USB charging device (might be easier and safer)



Image 3: The Pluto wireless trigger, this is slightly smaller than a business card and can attach to your flash hotshoe. 



Image 4: The Laser included with the pluto wireless trigger, allowing for beam-break triggering.

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