I am a member of a number of Photography and Technology related affiliate programs, because of this as well as my general searching across the internet I try and bring together information from various programs and sources to present viewers of my page with access to as many sales and discount offers as possible, Generally speaking though, these offers are time limited by the creator / manufacturer.

If you are seeing this page, it generally means that the post / page you went to view which contained discounts / sales offers has since expired and has been redirected to this page to avoid confusion. As new sales and discounts become available I will usually post them to the Sales & Specials category which can be accessed by clicking here.

In some cases, there are also ongoing discounts which occur outside of the sales periods (note these may not apply during sales), in this case I post these in the Discounts section of my website.

I hope this is of some use, if not stay tuned as often the sales reoccur during the respective holiday periods.

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