Servocity Technical Support

Finding good quality technical support can be difficult, and I needed some help with a project I am working on (a pan tilt robot). Normally doing these sorts of things with robots would be fairly simple but because my project carries higher weights (up to 3kg) being the combination of the Lens and the Camera it meant I needed a bit of guidance from a professional.

The team at have been fantastic in that respect, and I would highly recommend them. I went to them with my project and they confirmed the Servo's I am looking at would work, but potentially I could use a lower rated servo with counterbalances which was even better.

I have seen quite a few people use their parts in terms of pan tilt robots, so from what I can see, they are a well used company and if their technical support is anything to go by I would happily recommend them to others.

I shall be putting an order in very shortly and will let you know how it goes 🙂

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