Skylum, the creators of Luminar Neo have releases their upcoming generative AI tool called GenExpand AI. this is a fascinating tool that Skylum describes as:

A revolutionary tool that empowers users to break free from traditional aspect ratios and add a new dimension to their original compositions. With GenExpand, you can effortlessly extend the boundaries of your photos, whether you're creating panoramic landscapes for vast mountain ranges, serene lakes, etc. or want to give your favorite images more breathing room to stand out against a beautifully balanced background


This tool allows you to use generative AI to expand your photos beyond their native aspect ratio’s. As an example I tried the tool on two of my images, the first (below) is an Aurora image, and I wanted to see how the tool could expand the image using no editing, Image 1 represents the original image, whilst Image 2 represents the image after GenExpand.

Image 1: Original Image without GenExpand.
Image 2: image with GenExpand

When comparing the differences between Image 1, and 2 you can clearly see where the Generative AI has added sections to the image, and whilst the scene looks believable, clearly the lighting would need some editing to tie it together. I haven’t done any editing to these images, so no doubt with a bit of extra work it would be much better.

Whilst that was a landscape, I was curious to see how it would perform with a portrait of a cockatoo where the crest was cut off (Image 3). I fed this into the tool, and Image 4 was the unedited output.

Image 3: Portrait of a Cockatoo with the crest cut off.
Image 4: Image of the Cockatoo with GenExpand run, note the top mismatched section.

In Image 4, whilst GenExpand did identify the crest, it was not able to match the blur or bokeh of the original image so it looks really wrong, note this did not have any editing so I wanted to do a very quick and dirty edit to see if I could improve the image anymore.

Image 5: Portrait of Cockatoo after GenExpand and some tweaking (very rough edits).

As you can see, although it was a very quick/dirty/rough edit, simply adding some Blur and masking to the top section improved it much more between Image 4 and Image 5, so GenExpand is not always set-and-forget and may require some tweaks.

My opinion is that the tool is not perfect, but it provides another handy feature that allows you to fill in missing details if you missed it when you were capturing the image. Clearly it’s better to get it right in camera, but this offers another useful tool for those cases where you were not able to, this may offer some benefit.

GenExpand is set to launch on or around December 14th, and it will be accessible to Luminar Neo users, including both subscribers and Creative Pass Journey owners.

To celebrate this launch, Skylum are running a sale from December 15 at EST 7 am to December 26, 2023 at EST 7 am.

During the sale New users will get:

– 12 months Pro subscription + Holiday Assets Collection for $79 USD (usually $479 USD)

– 24 months Pro subscription + Holiday Assets Collection for $119 USD (usually $659 USD)

– Lifetime with Extensions & CJP + Holiday Assets Collection $149 USD (usually $998 USD)

To find out more, or take advantage of the offer you can either follow the GenExpand links in this post or click here. Use the coupon code TRAVISHALE and you may get an extra discount on your purchase.

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