Skylum, the creators of Luminar AI and Luminar Neo (amongst others) have announced the names of the next two extensions for Luminar Neo. For those who are not aware Luminar Neo is Skylum's next generation photo editor, as well as being rebuilt from the ground up, it also supports a number of add-ons through “Extensions”.

Previously, Skylum had announced two seperate Extensions for Luminar Neo which included “HDR Merge” as well as “Noiseless AI”, however, they have now announced another two (2) upcoming extensions. These extensions include:

  • Upscale AI – An AP powered tool for enhancing image resolution in a natural looking way.
  • AI Background Removal – An AI powered tool that automatically removes the background for any subject in a photo (not just portraits).
  • Three yet un-named extensions (to make a total of extensions)

To celebrate these extensions, Skylum is announcing an early bird deal where you can get access to all extensions that will be released in 2022, and future extensions released throughout your subscription period. This deal lasts until the 30th of August when the price will rise. It is my understanding that you can purchase the extensions pack as part of a yearly subscription to Luminar Neo, or you can purchase the Extensions (through the 2022 Extensions Pack) as a once off purchase.

For more information, you can follow the links in this post or you can find out more by clicking here.

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