Skylum (formally MacPhun) and the creators of Luminar AI and a range of other photography tools have announced their summer sale.

This sale starts from the 27th of May and runs to the 10th of June 2022. During this time Skylum are offering discounts on Luminar Neo, with a discount for new users, and an even bigger loyalty discount for those who already own a Skylum product.

The sale applies to the One-time purchase option for Luminar Neo (not the subscriptions), with the prices below:

New Users

One-time purchase
Luminar Neo 1 seat for $64 USD
Luminar Neo 2 seats for $84 USD

Existing Users of Skylum Products

And a special offer for those who have already had Skylum products:
Luminar Neo 1 seat for 49$ USD
Luminar Neo 2 seats for 59$ USD

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, or finding out more you can do so through the links in this post, or by clicking here.

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