Skylum; the creators of Luminar AI and Luminar Neo have announced that a preview early access build of Luminar Neo is available to those who have preordered the Luminar Neo software. This is not a complete build and its intent is just to demonstrate some features including:
⚬ Relight AI
⚬ Remove Dust Spots
⚬ Remove Powerlines

This is not the final release, which is expected around or after February 2022 (most likely end of Winter 2022) in which the rest of the features will be available excluding Portrait Background Removal AI and Mask AI which will be available in the first free update of Luminar Neo.

Whilst this is a demonstration build, there are a few limitations / missing features which include:
⚬ Histogram
⚬ Dodge & Burn tool
⚬ Clone & Stamp tool
⚬ Portrait Bokeh AI tool
⚬ Body AI tool
⚬ Face AI tool
⚬ Image 3D Transform
⚬ Color Picker in the Develop tool
⚬ Flip and Rotate functionality in Crop
⚬ Copy and Paste, Pen Pressure (only on macOS) for Radius and
⚬ Opacity, Linear and Radial gradient functionality in Masking
⚬ Application on hover of LUTs in the Mood tool
⚬ Undo and Redo functionality
⚬ Revert to Original functionality
⚬ Sync Adjustments, Copy and Paste Adjustments functionality

Additionally, on macOS:
⚬ The context menu is absent in Single Image View for Catalog and in the Edit tab
⚬ Missing Undo functionality in Masking
⚬ Missing Erase functionality after applying Vignette effect Incorrect states may show in Erase steps in the History tab

On Windows:
⚬ Missing Crop AI
⚬ Disabled sliders in Sky AI
⚬ Inability to export multiple files
⚬ Issues when using Develop tools
⚬ Significant delays while using Erase and fast-forwarding in the History tab
⚬ Not active plug-ins
⚬ Limited hotkeys

Important Note! All applied edits may be lost with each update to the Early Access version, so ensure that you have backed up important files when using this version. The Early Access version won’t work as a plugin or a Photos extension, and it won’t be released in the Mac App Store and Windows Store.

If you have preordered Luminar Neo, the early access version will be available in your Skylum Account. If you have feedback for the Skylum team please leave it through the app where feedback will be collected until January 20, 2022.

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