I recently (last six months or so) started to think about moving away from the Nikon Ecosystem. My first camera was a Nikon D5300 and I subsequently moved to a Nikon D610 and built up a range of Nikon and third party lenses. Whilst it was a painful decision I have been fairly disenfranchised by the direction Nikon has been taking and in 2021 decided to move to a different manufacturer.

My initial plan (prior to deciding to switch) was to upgrade from the Nikon D610 to their next DSLR which was suggested might have been called the Nikon D860. Whilst I am aware that Nikon have the Z series, I have always felt that their entry into the mirrorless realm has been entirely underwhelming and disappointing. In many ways I wish they kept the F mount for their mirrorless range however, with the financial issues that Nikon have been having, they announced that they would no longer focus on DSLR's and would instead move across to mirrorless development.

Whilst it is unlikely (IMHO) that Nikon will disappear anytime soon, with the way they rolled out Mirrorless, how far behind the competition they are, and their general outlook I thought it was worth me looking elsewhere. As I mentioned the end goal was to move to something like the Nikon D860 but as this is unlikely to exist, I wanted to look outside the Nikon ecosystem. 

After looking at all of the options, I ended up settling on moving over to the Sony Ecosystem. I am starting off with the Sony A7R IV and two Tamron lenses (28 – 75mm f/2.8 and the 70-300) and have a heap of Nikon glass so am using a Sony E mount to F mount adapter (for now) until I progressively update my glass to native E mount gear.

I have a heap of glass to eventually switch, and I suspect in some cases I may not bother (e.g. I suspect my Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro will be fine), but I do want to switch to an E mount super telephoto for bird and wildlife shots. Currently I use the Tamron 150-600mm (G1 version) so would look towards something like this or similar when it is released.

I will still occasionally use my D610 until I am comfortable that all my glass works well on the Sony A7R IV, but as a starting point it should get me moving in the right direction. There is not much point to this post, other than to give some context to why you may see me using Sony more often now than the Nikon gear, as always I will update with my thoughts as I progress. (One side effect I have noticed is the files are so much bigger!).

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