I was lucky enough to visit Brisbane on the 13th and 14th of November to present at a conference on the Control of Legionella in Healthcare Facilities and the night before I stayed at the Sebel South Brisbane. I had not stayed at this hotel before so thought I would try and get a night panorama photo. Sadly I didn't bring my tripod with me, which meant that the images I captured were not as sharp as I would have liked but otherwise they came up alright.

The images were taken using a Nikon D5300, and a Nikor 18-55mm Lens, since there were multiple images they were processed in Lightroom and then stitched together using the Panorama function in Lightroom CC (2015).  If I could retake these, and plan accordingly I would use a tripod, to allow for longer exposure times and more stability.

The Images captured are as per the below.

The South Brisbane Skyline from the Sebel Hotel, (facing south I believe), taken with Nikon D5300 and a Nikor 18-55mm Lens and stitched using Lightroom's Panorama function.

The night Skyline from the Sebel Hotel in South Brisbane, taken by Nikon D5300, and Nikor 18-55mm Lense and stitched into a composite by Lightroom's Panorama function..

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