In November, I attended a conference held by the Wesley Hospital on the control of Legionella in healthcare facilities. The conference was a wonderful initiative designed to share some of the insights the hospital has obtained over the years on controlling Legionella, and because I came up the day before I was lucky enough to capture a wonderful sunset over the Mater Hospital whilst staying at the Sebel South Brisbane.

The sunset (pictured below) was facing North-West (I believe) and was stunning. I was also lucky enough to capture some night images as well which can be seen on my South Brisbane Night Skyline post.

The Image below was taken with a Nikon D5300 digital Camera, with a Nikor 18-55mm lens. It consists of a number of images which have been combined into a panorama using the Lightroom CC (2015) panorama function, and then has had some tweaking to capture the moment.


A partial panorama of the sunset over / behind the Mater Hospital in South Brisbane. Taken by Nikon D5300, Nikor 18-55mm Lens and stiched using Adobe Lightroom's Panorama function.

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