Skylum the creators of the Luminar range of software have announced the next extension release for their Luminar Neo photo editing software package – SuperSharpAI.

Luminar Neo is an advanced photo editor for those who are unaware. Amongst its many features, it has an extension framework that allows extensions by Skylum to be run, expanding its functionality.

A number of extensions have already been announced and/or released including:

In addition to these extensions, Skylum has just announced the next extension SuperSharpAI. This extension brings AI-powered sharpening to the package, helping users reduce the blurriness of their images.

If there’s any motion blur or misfocus in an image, Supersharp AI easily transforms it from blurry to sharp. Based on a photo’s depth, perspective, and context, the neural network automatically corrects the focus and unblurs your photo.


Since I love animal photos, I have attached two examples (provided by Skylum) that show improvements to images that were blurry. As always these are marketing images (so may represent the best case), and another point to note with any sharpening software is that if an image is too blurry often it won't be able to save it.

If you are interested in finding out more about SuperSharpAI you can do so by following the links on this page, or by Clicking Here. Note this is an extension to Luminar Neo and requires you to have an active licence to Luminar Neo for it to function.

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