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360 Images; Affinity Photo

I often need to edit 360 photos which are most commonly taken on my QooCam 8K, or using my Nikon D610 & Nikkon 16mm Fisheye Lens. Editing these photos is fairly easy once you know how. With that in mind, and as much for my own memory as anything else I thought I would give a quick primer on how to edit 360 (Eqirectangular) photos using Affinity Photo. Select the 360 (eqirectangular image) layer, and from the layer menu click […]

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Compositing Fireworks photos with Affinity Photo – Youtube Video

The following appeared on the Travis Hale – Science and Photography YouTube Channel and has automatically been posted on TravisHale.com. Compositing fireworks photos with Affinity Photo Blend modes. —————————————————————————————————— Why not follow me: Website: https://bit.ly/2ujWacd Monthly Newsletter: https://bit.ly/2t0qsNf Instagram: https://bit.ly/2ukcrOt Flickr: https://bit.ly/2t1bRRG 500px: https://bit.ly/2ujiOBK Facebook: https://bit.ly/1idEZQf Twitter: https://www.www.twitter.com/travishale ——————————————————————————————————– The video can also be viewed at: https://youtu.be/CwAOrGxpXOM This page may contain Affiliate Links, These keep our site free and help support the upkeep but do not increase the cost for […]

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