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Noiseless AI

Skylum, the creators of Luminar Neo have announced the upcoming release of a new extension for Luminar Neo referred to as Noiseless AI. As the name implies, this extension is a noise reduction extension designed to intelligently remove noise from your images. It should be noted the extension requires Luminar Neo and is not an outright price of software. Noiseless AI is one of seven new plugins that are expected to be released throughout the year, with noiseless AI expected […]

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Topaz Denoise V3.1

Topaz Labs, the creators of Denoise AI and a range of other AI powered photo utilities have released an update to their DeNoise AI product. This release (V3.1.0) brings a number of major updates including updating the AI engine with performance improvements and crash fixes, the addition of a new model “Severe Noise”and the addition of new optimized models. In addition there has been some changes to the interface with Denoise AI model renamed to “Standard” and AI Clear renamed […]

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