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Aurora Viewing Locations – Victoria

There has been an increase in activity of the Aurora over the later part of 2021, and as we come out of the Solar Minimum (the sun runs in 11 year cycles) it is expected to become more frequent and potentially higher intensity until we get back into the solar minimum again. Generally speaking to see the aurora it needs to be dark (i.e. without a full moon or significant ambient light), you need to have a clear view across […]

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Sunset & Solar Storm – 31/10/21.

I have a passion for the Aurora Australias however, in Australia it is not so common to see them (at least in Victoria) unless they are fairly strong. Without going into too much detail an aurora is caused by electrically charged particles which are emitted from the sun known as solar wind, these charged particles are released from the upper atmosphere of the sun (and typically include things like electrons, protons and alpha particles) which travel through space (and often […]

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