Microbial Biofilms: Formation, Characteristics, and Implications for Human Health and the Built Environment

Microbial biofilms are complex communities of microorganisms that adhere to surfaces and are encased in a self-produced extracellular matrix. These communities are ubiquitous in natural, industrial, and clinical settings and have been the subject of intensive research due to their significant impact on human health and the built environment. This article will provide an overview of microbial biofilm formation, characteristics, and their implications for human health and the built environment. Biofilm Formation Characteristics of Biofilms Implications for Human Health Implications […]

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Indoor Environmental Quality

I work for a company called CETEC who work in the Built Environment and do a lot of work around how people can improve their Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) to obtain the maximium amount of labour productivity within service related industries. This is an area where there is little knowledge over the importance of IEQ, and over the next few months I will be doing some posts to highlight what contributes towards IEQ and subsequently occupant productivity. These posts are not […]

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