a photo of a clouds formation in the sky

ISO – Mastering Sensitivity to Light and Achieving Optimal Exposure

Throughout this series, we have explored the fundamentals of light, the Camera Obscura, image formation, shutter speed, and aperture. Now, let’s dive into ISO, the final piece of the exposure triangle puzzle. Understanding ISO will empower you to master your camera’s sensitivity to light and achieve the perfect exposure in your photographs. What is ISO and its Role in Photography? ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, but in the context of photography, it refers to the sensitivity of a […]

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close up photo of camera shutter

Aperture – The Eye of Your Camera and its Impact on Exposure and Depth of Field

In our journey through the world of photography, we’ve covered the fundamentals of light, the Camera Obscura, image formation, and shutter speed. Now it’s time to dive into aperture, another critical aspect of photography that directly impacts image exposure and depth of field. Understanding aperture will allow you to master the art of controlling light and creating images with varied focus and depth. Understanding Aperture and its Relationship with Light. Aperture refers to the opening in a camera lens through […]

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Focus Stacking; Jumping Spider

As part of my Jumping Spider; Jumping through the edits series I am covering the steps that were carried out in editing the image which was processed using Helicon Focus. Because of the lens combination and the significant magnification (e.g. > 2:1) the Depth of Field (DOF) was very shallow and which required the image to be focus stacked. Whilst A full description of depth of field, and focus stacking is outside of the scope of this post, I will […]

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Focus Stacking; Helicon Focus

I am passionate about Macro Photography, and capturing images of some of the incredible (but tiny) little creatures that wander this earth. Whilst there are way to many creatures to outline, and I only ever see a tiny fraction of them, some of my personal favorites are Jumping Spiders. With that in mind there are some issues around depth of field which can be encountered when working with Macro Photography so I wanted to write a quick peice about it […]

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Under the Microscope: Cork

Have a look at Cork under the microscope, fairly strange looking structure but interesting nonetheless :).

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