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Useful Date & Time Functions in Excel

As part of my day job as a building scientist, I often need to work with and normalize building temperature logs which are provided in CSV / Excel format. Part of the requirement comes from the fact that I am trying to understand how the building is operating during business hours but the data provided is often in 5 – 30 minute intervals which include 365 days of data. Since the building heating and cooling systems are reduced on the […]

Running calculations with < in Excel

My day job is as a building scientist, I help people understand the impact that the built environment has on their health, well-being and productivity through data driven consulting. This means that I often conduct environmental quality testing to establish concentrations of pollutants in the air, in water, in materials or on surfaces. Without going into too much detail, when a result is obtained from our in-house lab or an external lab often the result is below the detection limit […]

Excel – Index & Match

Excel is an extremely powerful tool for data manipulation and one that I have to use on a regular basis. As part of this I have to often work with a range of different data layouts which need to be manipulated to suit ingestion into a different system (e.g. database). With that in mind, I thought it would be beneficial (even for myself) to start to note down some of the various formula’s and function’s which allow me to manipulate […]