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Reducing JPEG file sizes

What is JPEG? JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) is one of the most common image file-types on the internet currently, chances are when you export a file using your photo editing software you are likely exporting to JPEG to then send to someone, put on Facebook and so on.  In order to balance file-sizes, JPEG offers the ability to adjust the degree of compression applied to an image which allows the user to make a trade-off between image size and […]

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JPEGMini Pro 3

Beamr have officially announced the release of JPEGmini Pro 3 which has a few exciting new features. JPEGmini Pro 3 is the third official release which brings better support for JPEG compression, support for HEIC (e.g. iPhone) images, a user interface update and more. JPEGmini Pro 3 changes the interface to a more minimalistic style which is designed to help users intuitively get through the process of shrinking their images. It also includes a batch resize mechanism where users can […]

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