Reducing JPEG file sizes

What is JPEG? JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) is one of the most common image file-types on the internet currently, chances are when you export a file using your photo editing software you are likely exporting to JPEG to then send to someone, put on Facebook and so on.¬† In order to balance file-sizes, JPEG offers the ability to adjust the degree of compression applied to an image which allows the user to make a trade-off between image size and […]

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JPEGMini Pro 3

Beamr have officially announced the release of JPEGmini Pro 3 which has a few exciting new features. JPEGmini Pro 3 is the third official release which brings better support for JPEG compression, support for HEIC (e.g. iPhone) images, a user interface update and more. JPEGmini Pro 3 changes the interface to a more minimalistic style which is designed to help users intuitively get through the process of shrinking their images. It also includes a batch resize mechanism where users can […]

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Macro Workflow

I shoot alot of macro images at home (currently with a Nikon D610 & a Sigma 150mm Macro and occasionally a Raynox DCR-250). ¬†Most of my images are typically of insects, spiders and other creatures which are hanging around my house. My personal favorite animal to photograph are jumping spiders which in my honest opinion have personality, and they are actually interested in their reflection in the lens which always helps and they tend to (at times) stand still which […]

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Landscape Workflow

I love landscape photography, and love capturing images and panoramas of the natural and built environments. The natural environment is fairly self-explanatory however, for those who are not aware the built environment typically refers to things that have been built, most commonly buildings but in this context I mean cityscapes and those sort of things. Whilst the tools and software that I use varies depending on the needs of the environment and photos, I wanted to do a brief post […]

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