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The Differences between Luminar 4 and Luminar AI

Skylum have recently released Luminar AI and one of the things that has come up a bit is what is the difference between the new Luminar AI and Luminar 4. I have seen many posts which suggest that Luminar AI is just an update to Luminar 4 however, based on information from Skylum that is not the case. Whilst it is true that many of the tools that exist in Luminar AI also exist in Luminar 4 there has been […]

Luminar AI – Using your own Skies

Skylum have released Luminar AI, this includes a really handy AI powered Sky Replacement tool however, one of the issues is that with everyone using the same skies it can be a dead giveaway that the sky has been replaced. Have a look at how you can use your own custom skies within Luminar AI to create a unique photo. —————————————–Links—————————————— You can Purchase Luminar AI here: https://trav.to/0od83 More Luminar AI write-ups here: https://trav.to/8ge0d Luminar X membership: https://trav.to/gtqau The coupon […]

Luminar AI

Skylum; the creators of Luminar AI and Aurora HDR have announced that their Luminar AI photo editing program has been released on the 15th of December 2020. For those who are not aware this is an AI powered photo editing tool that tries to make life easier by letting photographers focus on the results rather than the process required to get a good photo (e.g. masking et al). Whilst Luminar AI uses the power of AI to improve your photos, […]