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AI Powered Photo Editor – Luminar AI

Skylum have recently announced that pre-orders have opened for their new photo editing tool;¬†Luminar AI. This new software editor is not an upgrade to Luminar 4, but a completely new product which has been rebuilt from the ground up with better performance, and new AI tools which are designed to make life easier for visual communicators, bloggers, photographers and more. Luminar AI¬†includes many of the existing AI tools that the Luminar 4 package came with (e.g. Sky AI V1, Structure […]

Luminar AI from Skylum – FAQ

Skylum have opened pre-orders for their latest AI photo editor, Luminar AI. In this video I go over what I currently know of the photo editor and what is it designed to do as well as cover some of the frequently asked questions. If you are interested in more detailed write-ups about the various you can find them on my website at https://trav.to/8ge0d If you want to find out more about the Luminar AI, or pre-order you can do so […]

Luminar AI Assistance

Skylum has recently announced their upcoming LuminarAI package which has a range of exciting AI based features. One of these features is known as Templates which are packaged workflows that are designed by some of the best photographers and photo retouchers. These templates are designed to identify issues that might exist in a photo and apply a group of enhancements which are designed to resolve those issues and lead to a better image. Templates are especially valuable for beginners, as […]