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Black & White: More than an Absence of Color

There is something incredible about a good black and white photo, and these photos have a universal appeal. Not every photo will be suited to a black and white conversion but those that are suited can work really well. The important thing to note with Black and White photos is that; although there is clearly an absence of color, black and white photos can be highly complex and are far more than just taking a photo and removing any color […]

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DxO Nik Collection 3

The Nik Collection celebrates its 25-year anniversary this year (created around 1995) although throughout its 25-years it has had somewhat of a bumpy road. It started off as a premium priced suite under Nik Software before it was acquired by Google in 2012 where it was sold for a reduced price, and eventually development was stopped and it was released for free. In late 2017 DxO acquired the Nik Collection and continued development. The latest version (as of the creation […]

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