Moonlit Panorama

A few days ago (I think around the 12th – 13th of April) there was a large coronal mass ejection (CME) on the sun which is the starting point for an Aurora (if everything pans out), with that in mind I decided to head out to Phillip Island (Pyramid Rock) to see if I could capture the Aurora. Sadly, although the measurements all looked great, it turned out to not really eventuate and was not able to overpower the strength […]

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DJI Mavic Air 2

I have always been on the fence about drones, it seems a bit like so many areas have blanket bans on drones, and that they get such a bad rap (i.e. people unhappy about drones being flown near them or their houses) that I wondered just how practical it would be to fly a drone. Because of this I had decided that I would probably not purchase a drone, but given a family member recently got the DJI Mavic Air […]

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Gardens By The Bay @ Singapore

See my numerous 360 interactive panorama’s of Gardens By the Bay in Singapore, taken both during the day and also at night.

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