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Tag : Photo Editing

Portrait tools in Luminar AI

Join me as I run through some of the Portrait Tools in a BETA version of Luminar AI. These tools include Face AI, Body AI, Skin AI and more which are designed to simplify the process of editing portraits. You can pre-order Luminar AI here: https://trav.to/0od83 More Luminar AI write-ups here: https://trav.to/8ge0d Stay tuned for more examples! Portrait Sources: Image 1 by Ludvig Wiese https://unsplash.com/photos/d-MfHM-jHwc Images 2 & 3 from Signature Edits RAW collection (https://www.signatureedits.com). Image 4 by Fábio Scaletta […]

Topaz Adjust AI

Topaz Adjust AI is a general purpose photo editing tool from Topaz Labs which is designed to use AI to improve your photos using a general, or HDR style adjustment. It also has a range of other editing tools, have a look at a brief run through editing an image using the tool. ——- Discount ——- Topaz has kindly provided a discount code for my viewers if you use the Topaz links below, and when purchasing use the discount code: […]

The benefit of AI in Photography

What is AI? Artificial intelligence is an exciting technology which is being more comprehensively adopted within the photography area. Although it is not without its detractors, I personally believe it offers great opportunities to visual communicators who want to focus on taking the photos and decrease the amount of time required for repetitive tasks. Whilst there are lots of different types of Artificial Intelligence, in photography the most common is called ”Deep Learning” which is derived from machine learning where […]