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Tag : Photography

ON1 360°

ON1 have been busy of late working on a range of new additions to their Photography software packages. As such I would recommend you consider subscribing to our newsletter and/or youtube channel to keep up to date with the latest releases, run-through’s and tutorials. The latest release by ON1 is their ON1 360° (al) service which is anticipated to be available late June 2020. This is a new cloud storage service and sync technology which is designed to allow photographers […]

ON1 Photo Raw 2020.1

ON1 have recently released the latest version of ON1 Photo Raw 2020.1, this version brings some new features, bug fixes and additional camera compatibility. Details below; New Features and Enhancements in Version 2020.1 Improved Highlight Recovery – A new algorithm is now being used to get the most out of highlights while maintaining subtle hues in areas like the sky. Improved Map View – A new map provider to give higher quality maps and much-improved search results. There’s a new location tab […]

Luminar 4; Blend Modes.

One of the powerful features of Luminar 4 is the ability to have multiple layers and to change how these layers are blended to achieve an artistic vision. The blending mode within Luminar 4 looks at the content of the two layers and will make changes to the image based on the content of both. Whilst ‘Normal’ is the default blend mode for layers within Luminar 4 there are also a range of other blend modes which are worth experimenting […]