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Tag : Photography

Alternatives to Lightroom

Without a doubt Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular photo management applications around. It ingrates image management (e.g. Digital Asset Management – DAM) in addition to image processing. Whilst Lightroom is one of the most popular applications, many (myself included) are not really a fan of the pay-to-use subscription model. I would must rather buy a piece of software and choose how and when to upgrade rather than to be locked into a piece of software.   With […]

Topaz Labs Workflow

Lots of people have been asking what is the ideal workflow for the Topaz Labs range of products in order to get the best out of a photo. This depends on a whole range of factors including the format of the photo, size, resolution and so on.That said, the Optimal workflow is outlined below (some steps may be skipped if it is not applicable); The first thing to start off with (if needed) is Topaz JPEG to RAW AI which […]

Topaz Denoise AI (v2.0.0)

Topaz Labs have recently released a major update to Denoise AI (v2.0.0) which brings a range of new features. The new features are highlighted in the changelog quote below; New Features: Added batch processing of multiple images in standalone Added batch processing of multiple images in Lightroom plugin Fix: Addressed minor bugs Change: Implemented new installer framework Split-view swiping has been temporarily removed I am personally fairly excited about this change, the ability to Bulk Denoise files (e.g. Overnight) is […]