Moonlit Panorama

A few days ago (I think around the 12th – 13th of April) there was a large coronal mass ejection (CME) on the sun which is the starting point for an Aurora (if everything pans out), with that in mind I decided to head out to Phillip Island (Pyramid Rock) to see if I could capture the Aurora. Sadly, although the measurements all looked great, it turned out to not really eventuate and was not able to overpower the strength […]

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Pine II (Black Forest Motion)

I have a passion for the interface between technology and photography, with that in mind I am often having a look at some of the new technologies that can be used to make taking photographs easier or to automate some of the process especially when there is some repetition (i.e. timelapses, 360 images or gigapixels).  Years ago, I purchased the first generation of the Black Forest Motion’s Pine Controller which is a motion controller that connects to compatible stepper motors […]

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