Galleries – Astro & Night

There is something incredible about the night sky, in this gallery I share some of my images which capture the night sky, the moon, astro photography or even on occasion an Aurora. As with all the other galleries, click on Read More to find out more about each individual image.

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Galleries – Macro

Macro photography is one of my photographic passions, strictly speaking macro photography refers to the capturing of images where the size of the item being captured is at or greater than life-size.  This allows some of the most incredible detail to be shown from small subjects such as insects, plants and more. In the case of the images below, you can click on Read More to find out more about the respective image.

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Galleries – Animals

I have a great interest in the natural world, which is why my photography centers around Landscapes, Macro and Animals (amongst other things). In this page I share a gallery of some of my various Animal photos. If you click in the center of the image it should load a page with more information about that respective image.

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