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Tag : Puns

Dad jokes – Food

I love a good dad joke (read: joke that make you groan / roll your eyes), with that in mind I have been started to collect some of my favorite on my website. This most focuses on dad jokes that have a food theme, enjoy! What did the banana say to its sick friend? “How are you peeling?” When should you take a cookie to the doctor? When it feels crummy. What’s a chicken’s least favorite day of the week? […]

Dad Jokes – Science

I love a good pun and dad joke, perhaps more than most so I thought I would keep a running post of the various jokes I have heard / come across in this post. I have two kids but if I am honest I have been preparing for the dad-joke moment for most of my life…. The below puns / dad jokes have a science theme: Q: Did you hear oxygen went on a date with potassium? A: It went […]