Luminar AI: Face AI
Skylum are currently (as at 11/11/20) offering Luminar AI for pre-orders, as an affiliate I have been lucky enough to get a BETA copy of the software which provides me with a unique opportunity to try out some of the interesting new features and see how they perform on images I have selected rather than […]
Luminar AI; Atmosphere AI Examples
As an affiliate of the Skylum, I have been given early access to the BETA of the Luminar AI package which is due to be released sometime this holiday season. This has allowed me to have a look at some of the new features and see how they function given my own images rather than […]
HDR to enhance not overdo Landscapes
High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging is a technique that is used in photography to try and reproduce a greater range of luminosity than would typically be possible in standard imaging. Often when images are captured, they are exposed for a part of the image (e.g. the highlights) which means that it can be harder to […]