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Tag : Topaz Labs

Topaz Denoise AI V3.2

Topaz Labs, the creators of a range of AI powered Photography utility tools have announced an update to their Topaz Denoise AI package. This update (V3.2.0) which was released on July 14th 2021 brings a number of changes. The major changes include better handling for RAW color support, added metadata support for CR3 and HEIC files, Updated Installer Framework, and Updated Lens Correction Database. The changes (source: Topaz Labs) are listed below:   Major Changes: Added better handling for RAW […]

Topaz Gigapixel V5.5.0

Topaz Labs; the creators of an AI range of photography utilities (e.g. Topaz Denoise AI, Topaz Gigapixel AI, Topaz Mask AI) have released an update to the Gigapixel AI package (Version 5.5.0). This update brings a number of changes, including interface improvements, a new AI engine which allows processing images faster, and supercharged AI models allowing you to upscale and enhance low resolution images up to 600% and offers improvements with newer hardware including slightly sharper output than the legacy […]

Sharpening Images with Topaz Sharpen AI

Topaz Sharpen is an AI powered tool that offers a range of sharpening options to improve your images. This is a program I have used in a number of my images to improve the sharpness where I may have picked the wrong shutter speed (which lead to motion blur) or if I missed focus slightly. Of course, it does go without saying, but sometimes photos are such that they cannot be saved, but I do find generally using Sharpen AI […]