microscopic shot of a virus

What are Viruses

SARS-CoV-2 has put a lot of focus on Viruses, but often people are not actually fully aware of what they actually are, so in this post, I wanted to briefly explore what viruses actually are, and how they reproduce. It should be noted that with many of my posts, this is a VERY introductory piece, and if you want more information you will no doubt find much more available on the internet. This is a combination of my thoughts, some […]

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10 to 1 bugs win in NASA study_one_year Mission Video Miniseries Highlights Microbes

The importance of Microbes

I have a background in microbiology through both education and career, as such I am nearly consistently asked questions about microbes and their relative importance. In this post, I wanted to talk (broadly) about what microbes are, and why they are important, note that if I was to cover everything I would likely need to write for many lifetimes, so this post will be fairly basic and fairly high level. What are Microbes? Whilst this is not a great definition, […]

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Viruses and Evasion of the Immune System

I am on twitter (@travishale) as well as reddit and on occasion I see threads and questions about why some viruses can be ‘destroyed’ by the immune system (I.e., a cold) but then other viruses are more persistent and can recur (I.e., Herpes Simplex I (HSV-I) also known as Cold Sores). I wanted to explore this a little bit more, but before I do I wanted to note that whilst I have a background in Microbiology, I am not a […]

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