The Blue Pools track is another must visit if you are on the South Island and near the Mount Aspiring National Park. The Blue River itself is a small river which flows within the Mount Aspiring National Park. The head of the river is south-east of the main range near the Mountain Eyetooth, and later on, the north and south branch join to form the main Blue River. Prior to the Blue River flowing into the Makrora river, it passes through a narrow gorge which is known as the ‘Blue Pools'.

The Blue Pools is located a short walk from the State Highway 6 (around 20 minutes), the walk takes visitors down a path, across a walking bridge which crosses the Blue River, before taking another path which travels parallel to the Blue River and leads to a bridge which crosses the Blue Pools.

The colour of the water is incredible, and there was fairly easy access to the river. During my visit, there were a number of people who were swimming in the amazing water and a few more stupid people who thought to jump from a bridge into the blue pools would be a good idea.

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