Topaz Labs have just released updates for the AI range of tools. These changes vary based on the specific tool which includes Gigapixel AI, Denoise AI, JPEG to RAW AI and Sharpen AI.

Changes are listed below, if you already have the software you can just update the software through the package. If you wish to purchase the software you can use any of the links in this post with the coupon code TravisHale for a discount.

Gixapixel AI

The main change to Gigapixel AI is that the correction parameters now can be automated. This means that in automatic mode the software tries to determine what the most appropriate suppress noise, and remove blur settings are however, you still have the option of manually setting these parameters.

Denoise AI

Changes to Denoise are mainly around the algorithm, this has been refined so that there are even fewer edge artifacts and provides a more improved detail restoration from within the shadow areas.

JPEG to Raw AI

There are two major changes, the first is that the model has been updated and produces fewer artifacts whilst trying to enhance the details from the shadow areas. The second change is that there are now auto-parameters similar to Gigapixel AI in that the software will try to determine the most appropriate settings.

Sharpen AI

Changes within the Sharpen package are two-fold, there has been an update to the model to improve the overall results which is especially the case with heavy motion blur and focus blur. There is also an automatic parameter detection so that the software will try to work out how much correction needs to be applied.

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