Topaz Labs have recently released a major update to Denoise AI (v2.0.0) which brings a range of new features. The new features are highlighted in the changelog quote below;

New Features:

  • Added batch processing of multiple images in standalone
  • Added batch processing of multiple images in Lightroom plugin


  • Addressed minor bugs


  • Implemented new installer framework
  • Split-view swiping has been temporarily removed

I am personally fairly excited about this change, the ability to Bulk Denoise files (e.g. Overnight) is a high benefit IMHO, I just cant wait for the other bits of software to also include this feature as well!

The new interface with batch processing is included below, it should be noted that as far as I can tell it is not possible to have different settings for different photos in the batch (as far as I can tell).

Topaz Denoise AI v2.0.0

To update to this version you will need to remove V1.3.3 manually from your computer before using the appropiate installer for this version.

If you want to buy the Topaz Denoise Software, you can use the link here (, using the code TravisHale may give you a discount on current pricing and potentially promotional pricing (where a promo exists).

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