Topaz Labs, the creators of a range of AI powered Photography utility tools have announced an update to their Topaz Denoise AI package.

This update (V3.2.0) which was released on July 14th 2021 brings a number of changes. The major changes include better handling for RAW color support, added metadata support for CR3 and HEIC files, Updated Installer Framework, and Updated Lens Correction Database. The changes (source: Topaz Labs) are listed below:


Major Changes:

  • Added better handling for RAW color support
    – Option defaulted to true in preferences
    – Currently does not get saved to DNG output
  • Added metadata support for CR3 and HEIC files
  • Updated installer framework
    – Improved installers compatibility when running on macOS M1
    – Improved uninstaller launching process on Windows
    – Fixed installers crashing on some macOS 10.14.6 environments
  • Updated lens correction database (See list below)


  • Fixed resolution metadata having the wrong units or values in some cases
  • Fixed saving in batch mode sometimes defaulting to the wrong extension
  • Fixed saving to TIFF/DNG crashing on certain tags

Minor Changes

  • Added borders around menus to make them stand out better
  • Changed sliders visuals slightly
  • Toggling lens correction and then re-loading an image should re-load with correct setting

Lens Correction Additions:

    • Canon– EOS 850D– EOS Rebel T8i– EOS Kiss X10i
    • Fujifilm– X100V– X-E4– X-T4– X-S10
    • Panasonic– DC-G90– DC-G91– DC-G95– DC-G99
    • Sony– ILCE-1


If you are interested in finding out more about Topaz Labs software, or Topaz Denoise AI you can do so through the links in this post. If you use the discount code TRAVISHALE at checkout you may get a discount on your purchase* (* may not apply during sales). This update is free for those with a current update licence.

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