Topaz Labs, the creators of Denoise AI and a range of other AI powered photo utilities have released an update to their DeNoise AI product. This release (V3.1.0) brings a number of major updates including updating the AI engine with performance improvements and crash fixes, the addition of a new model “Severe Noise”and the addition of new optimized models. In addition there has been some changes to the interface with Denoise AI model renamed to “Standard” and AI Clear renamed to “Clear”.

This update is free for those with an active Denoise AI update licence, and can be downloaded through the links in this post, or on the website. The full changelog is provided below:


Major Changes:

  • Updated AI engine with performance improvements and crash fixes
  • Added plugin support for Photoshop running natively on Apple M1 silicon
  • Added new model “Severe Noise”
  • Added new optimized models
  • Added “Submit Feature Request” under Help menu
  • Moved post processing into the AI engine to improve performance
  • Changed Photoshop plugin so that Last Filter applies automatically
  • Changed comparison view to allow swapping of 4th model
    – Added a one-time message to describe how the changes work upon entering comparison view
  • Chroma noise reduction range reduced by half
    – Still 0-100, but halved internally
  • Renamed DeNoise AI to “Standard” and AI Clear to “Clear”
  • Removed color profile selection for PNG output


  • Fixed pixelated preview issue
  • Fixed undo/redo not resetting update preview button state
  • Fixed various JPEG loading issues
  • Fixed some EXIF data crashes on CR2 files
  • Fixed inaccurate count with file saving panel
  • Fixed file saving panel staying open when opening an image
  • Fixed some color desaturation on DNG saves for some RAW types
  • Fixed app not closing until preview is processed
  • Fixed Select All being left checked if you double clicked a checkbox quickly
  • Fixed mouse wheel scrolling getting stuck on sliders
  • Fixed long save paths overflowing the save dialog
  • Fixed not saving model between program runs
  • Fixed login password field not accepting spaces in middle of passwords
  • Fixed processing time overlapping controls when opening preview after saving
  • Fixed original view not working in when in masking mode
  • Fixed writing of fractional values in metadata for TIFF/DNG (Windows only)
  • Potential fix for chroma noise reduction sticking at 100 when loading app

Minor Changes

  • Added tooltips to the letters in the file list view
  • Added more warnings when a watermark will be applied
  • Added login buttons to watermark prompts to hopefully reduce confusion when not signed in
  • Added a total images loaded section next to the “Select All” checkbox in batch mode
  • Changed how DNG thumbnails and images are written
    – This is not meant to fix the small size issue on Windows
  • Changed some EXIF data so it trims ending spaces
  • Changed how external editor files are saved
    – Should no longer leave an 8kb file if the save fails
  • Changed buy button so that it shows the login screen as well as opening the website
  • Changed spacing around the app name and version
  • Changed file list view model indicator style
  • Changed some wording across the app (e.g., Mode => Model)
  • Sliders now go all the way to the left and right with no padding on the highlighted section

Known Issues:

  • Masking brush radius may not match stroke size

  • Last filter settings for Severe Noise may not be accurate


As discussed, if you are interested in finding out more you can do so through the links in this page or by clicking here. At checkout feel free to use the code TRAVISHALE which may give you a discount on your purchase.

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