Topaz Labs, the creators of DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI and a range of photographic utilities have announced their image quality bundle sale. From the 21st of April 2022, through to the 6th of May 2022, you can get the image quality apps (Denoise AI, Gigapixel AI, and Sharpen AI) with a year of upgrades at a discounted price.

During this period, the bundle is on sale for $159.99 USD instead of the usual combined retail price of $259.97 USD which is a savings of $99.98 USD. You can also use the discount code TRAVISHALE at checkout which may lead to a further discount on the sale!

Each of these tools uses machine learning and AI to improve the quality of your images, DeNoise AI uses this to identify and remove noise in your images whilst preserving quality, Sharpen AI uses it to intelligently improve the Sharpness without applying global adjustments (i.e. does it only where needed), and Gigapixel AI uses machine learning and AI to enlarge your images whilst maintaining detail and quality.

Examples of the impact each of these tools can make are shown below:

Image 1: Topaz Denoise AI, example of improvements to a noisy image.

Image 2: Topaz Sharpen AI, example of improvements to a soft image.

Image 3: Gigapixel AI, Example of improvements and sharpness of enlarged image compared to typical enlargement.

If you are interested in improving your image quality using these tools, now is a perfect time to consider purchasing.

There has been some confusion over the pricing model for Topaz Utilities, so I thought it is worth outlining that with your purchase you own (outright) the software, but it also comes with 1 year of unlimited updates, at the end of the year you still own the software but if you choose not to update, you just maintain the version of the software you were on (and don't get new features, new versions, bug fixes et al), if you have multiple Topaz Products at the end of your upgrade license (usually 1 year) you can extend this for roughly $99 USD for another year (and all the topaz products you own are covered). The upgrade price for a single license is less (from memory) but you can usually find this on the Topaz site.

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