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Topaz Labs Denoise AI V3.0.2

Topaz Labs, the creators of a range of AI and non-AI powered photography utilities have released an update to the DeNoise AI program.

The V3.0.0 update brings a number of changes, with the most significant being the new AI engine, and the updated low light and Denoise AI Model.

Version 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 are minor bugfix updates.

The full changelog for version 3.0.0 is below:

Major Changes:

  • Completely new AI engine
  • Updated Low Light model to give better details in dark areas
  • Updated DeNoise AI model to fix color blob issues
  • Changed CPU/GPU options in preferences
  • Installers now come with a “Legacy” version
    – This is for people running Windows 8.1 or lower, and Mac 10.14 or lower
    – Windows 10 and Mac OSX 10.15 or higher will continue with the normal installers
    – Online installer will download components based on the OS it’s run on
  • Changed how trial flow works
    – Trials are now gone, you can now use the app without being logged in
    – While not logged in, or if your license is expired, your image will save with a watermark
    – Users who own the product should be able to use it offline without a watermark given they’ve logged in once and don’t log out
  • Updated the preview panel experience
    – Previews no longer block panning
    – Auto update preview is now on by default and moved to the preferences panel
    – Updating preview while auto update is turned off moved to top bar “Preview” button
    – Adds scroll to zoom
  • Updated image and RAW libraries to their latest versions
    – Biggest update is the additional/fixed CR3 support in libraw


  • Fixed first install not setting the opening directory correctly
  • Fixed masking button being pushed over to the left
  • Fixed masking button disappearing when cancelling a save
  • Fixed login dialog allowing spaces in email and password
  • Fixed some visual issues with saving in batch
  • Fixed non-ASCII characters in path breaking RAW file loading
  • Fixed blank Save Options section showing in preferences while in plugin/external mode
  • Fixed Lightroom saving back as the wrong color profile


  • Comparison view will now process all unprocessed previews when in manual update mode
  • Changed “Switch Users” option to Login and Logout depending on if you’re logged in or not
  • Changed image importing so that new images get selected instead of just being added to the file list
  • Changed minimum window size to 1080×580
  • Changed combo box design
    – (Drop down GPU/CPU selector in Preferences is an example)
  • Added watermark warning dialog if saving an image that would have a watermark applied
  • Added License Info dialog under Account menu
  • Added right panel from Sharpen when saving
  • Added cleanup methods to the installer
    – Should clean out the TGRC folder on Mac and Windows
    – Additionally should remove some large unused dll files on Windows (CUDA, ~750MB)
  • Removed some unused libraries to save space
  • Removed product tour as it no longer aligned with the application

If you have an active and valid upgrade package this should be a free update, otherwise you can download a trial through the links on this page or purchase. Remember to use the code TravisHale at checkout for a discount (may not work during sales but always worth a try).

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