Lots of people have been asking what is the ideal workflow for the Topaz Labs range of products in order to get the best out of a photo. This depends on a whole range of factors including the format of the photo, size, resolution and so on.That said, the Optimal workflow is outlined below (some steps may be skipped if it is not applicable);

  1. The first thing to start off with (if needed) is Topaz JPEG to RAW AI which allows you to convert your JPEG image into a high-quality RAW photo.
  2. Then run it though Topaz Denoise AI if required. This removes the noise and recovers the detail in images.
  3. Next run the image through Topaz Sharpen AI (if it needs sharpening). This allows you to create sharp images irrespective of if you are shooting handheld, at night or in a shallow depth of field.
  4. If you are working with a composite image, you would then launch Topaz Mask AI, this allows you to create tricky masks within complex images.
  5. Next bring the image into Topaz Adjust AI. This allows you to bring out any of the colors, shadows, details and to make your photo how it should be.
  6. If you want to get creative, you would then bring the image into Topaz Studio 2 which lets you use non-destructive filters and masking to create a masterpiece.
  7. Finally, if you need to enlarge your image, you would then bring it into Topaz Gigapixel AI to enlarge / upscale your image by up to 600%.

The steps you follow may change significantly based on your image and what you are trying to achieve. Nonetheless, as always if you are after any of the packages you can get them from here (https://trav.to/rdn2m). At checkout you can use the coupon code TravisHale which may give you a discount on the current price and/or any promotional prices.

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