Topaz Labs, the creators of Topaz Photo AI, Topaz DeNoise AI, Topaz Sharpen AI, and a range of other photographic software utilities, have announced the release of their latest update to Topaz Photo AI, now known as Topaz Photo AI 2.

For those unfamiliar, Topaz Photo AI is a versatile photographic tool that utilizes AI and machine learning to analyze photos and suggest enhancements such as noise reduction, sharpening, and resolution improvement. It is a simplified combination of Topaz Sharpen AI, Topaz DeNoise AI, and Topaz Gigapixel AI, powered by a feature called CoPilot.

This update is particularly exciting for me as I heavily rely on Topaz Photo AI in my workflow, especially for photography genres like Macro, Astrophotography, Wildlife, and Nature that often require post-processing to reduce noise, enhance sharpness, or increase resolution.

In the latest iteration, Topaz Photo AI 2 employs generative AI to achieve optimal image quality. This update introduces several new editing capabilities:

  • 1. Lighting Adjustment: Enhance lighting and address over/underexposure in a visually pleasing manner, even for images with extreme highlights or shadows.
  • 2. Color Balancing: Remove color casts and allow editors to adjust the relative temperature on the neutral baseline.
  • 3. RAW Image Quality Maximization: Significantly improve image quality on raw files using an enhanced AI-based RAW Noise Removal engine that outperforms alternative solutions in blind quality tests.

Topaz Photo AI 2 is desktop software available for both Mac and Windows, with integrations for major image editors. To celebrate the update, Topaz Labs is offering a sale from September 7th to September 22nd, 2023. During this period, users with an active upgrade license can download the update, while existing users without an active upgrade can purchase it for $79 USD. New users can acquire the software for $159 USD.

To learn more about Topaz Photo AI 2 and its features, you can click on the links in this post or visit this page. The following images, provided by Topaz, demonstrate some of its capabilities:

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