This is an extension to my previous Topaz Studio 2 post outlining some of the various filters which exist within Topaz Studio 2. To make life a bit easier for myself, and hopefully for others I have summarized the filters below. These are the Filters (also known as Adjustments in the Topaz Studio 1 package) which are within the Creative category.

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BloomBloom allows you to selectively intensity the lighting in images. This allows you to change atmosphere, create a dreamy look, or to strengthen subtle or extreme lighting effects.Bloom
BlurBlur lets you reduce detail and smooth images for a clean and simple look. It softens images to create a smoother, less detailed image.Blur
Channel MixerChannel mixer gives a greater amount of control over RGB (Red / Blue & Green Color Channels). This allows you to adjust the brightness by combining the contribution of RGB within a specific image.Channel Mixer
Color OverlayColor Overlay is a very simple filter that changes the overall tone and Color of an image by applying a single-Color look to an image. It allows you to adjust image tone, temperature et al.Color Overlay
Color ThemeColor Theme lets you change the overall tone and mood of an image with a few clicks. It lets you create stronger images with complementary Color palettes and moods.Color Theme 1Color Theme 2
Dual ToneDual Tone (also known as split toning) gives you control over both the hue and saturation of your highlights and shadows. This is achieved without affecting the brightness of the image or the balance of highlights and shadows.Dual Tone
Film GrainFilm Grain adds random texture which is often found on processed film (from the presence of small particles of silver, dye clouds et al) to your image to add a true nostalgic feel.Film Grain
Focal BlurFocal Blur lets you create new looks by allowing you to add two methods of blur: Circular Blur and Tilt Shift Blur.Focal Blur
Motion BlursMotion Blur lets you add dynamic motion blur to your image. There are five motion blur options; Zoom, motion, Swirl, Spin, Dither and Cross.Motion Blurs
Quad ToneQuad Tone is a tony tool which allows you to easily simulate realistic darkroom tones or to create stylistic artistic effects.Quad Tone
TextAllows you to add Text to Images.Text
VignetteVignette allows the user to create a range of Vignettes with easy to use controls that allow you to customize edge styles, colors and position.Vignette
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