I use the Topaz Studio 2 package on occasion and I often wonder what each of the Filters actually achieves. Not specifically because I don't think they are useful but rather what their function is?

To make life a bit easier for myself, and hopefully, for others, I have summarized the filters below. These are the Filters (also known as Adjustments in the Topaz Studio 1 package) that are within the essential category. Stay Tuned as I will update this post with tutorials, and videos as I complete them.

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Topaz Studio 2 – Essential Filters:

FilterDescriptionPhoto Reference
AI ClearAllows the user to instantly remove noise within a photo without the need for complex tools or time-consuming steps. AI Clear
Basic AdjustmentAllows the user to edit exposure, contrast, White and Black Points as well as Saturation.Basic Adjustment
Brightness ContrastAllows the user to correct brightness, contrast and saturation. Brightness Contrast
Black and WhiteAllows the user to convert their images into dynamic and dramatic black and white images, especially through control of specific colour channels. Black and White
CurvesAllows users to adjust tones in order to brighten, darken, add contrast and/or to shift colours in images. Curves
DehazeLets the user try and invert the effects of fog, haze, light pollution and smoke to give clearer images. DeHaze
HSL Colour TuningAllows the user to adjust the colour, hue, saturation and luminance / lightness of an image creating high range and natural colour transition manipulations. HSL Colour Tuning
Precision ContrastAllows the user to Naturally enhance the contrast within an image without blowing out the highlights or shadows. Precision Contrast
Precision DetailAllows the user to enhance images through the sharpness without halos or artefacts for a tack sharp image.Precision Detail
Reduce NoiseAllows a user to easily reduce noise within an image. Reduce Noise
SharpenAllows a user to enhance image details without the introduction of image noise. Sharpen

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