This is an extension to my previous Topaz Studio 2 post outlining some of the various Creative filters which exist within Topaz Studio 2. To make life a bit easier for myself, and hopefully for others I have summarized the filters below. These are the Filters (also known as Adjustments in the Topaz Studio 1 package) which are within the Stylistic category.

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AbstractionAbstraction allows you to create graphic art, cartons and more with topological decomposition and/or size-based technology.Abstraction
AI remixAI ReMix was one of Topaz Labs first desktop applications which uses the power of AI to transform an images style to recreate a contemporary or classic artistic style.AI ReMIX 1AI ReMIX 2
Digital FrameDigital Frame creates a range of creative frame effects (e.g. professional matting).Digital Frame 1Digital Frame 2Digital Frame 3
EdgesEdges allows you to trace the important features in your photo, and modify the tracing (e.g. make the lines thicker)Edges


FlareFlare offers light enhancement to give control over the light and reflective sources within your image.Flare 1Flare 2Flare 3
GlowGlow gives the power to create different glow based effects from brilliant, incandescent sparks to an ethereal glow.Glow 1Glow 2
ImpressionImpression allows an image to be turned into a work of art by adding brush strokes, textures and more.Impression 1Impression 2Impression 3
RadianceRadiance illuminates the contours of your images which allows a wide range of different effects from sparks to ethereal light.Radiance 1
SmudgeSmudge allows you to craft elegant or stylized effects by augmenting the lines of an image.Smudge
TextureTexture allows you to add depth and surface character to an image by adding light leaks, textures, dust and scratches.Texture 1Texture 2
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